Life-like masks?

Shoes of the future?

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What comes to mind when you think of the word Shoe? Something comfortable? A necessity or a burden?  Personally, when I buy a shoe, I look for quality and comfort. I like to treat my feet right.

Lately, technology is catching up with the shoe department. You can get digital smart shoes that will make your life easier. Through a phone app, you can dictate whatever you want your shoes to do. While I can’t promise you that if you click your shoes and say that there is no place like home and get a magic manifestation, digital smart shoes are the wave of the future. Click on this video and watch the future unfold. Finally, if you have enjoyed my blog, check us out on our Face book page Future shock tech news.  You will see a lot of my latest posts. Thanks for dropping by….


Are you looking for a laptop?


The picture above is our laptop. My wife ordered it from the Amazon website. I have to admit she did her homework. She made sure she brought one with a warranty and it has lasted for a couple of years. Believe it or not, this laptop is going strong and fits right in with my writing.

I like a deal when I buy any products especially when it come to computers. Never again will I invest in a used laptop. About 15 years ago, I paid $400 for a used laptop from a friend and it did not last long. Years later, I decided to invest in a desktop computer. Like my wife, I did my homework and it paid off.  Now, fast forward to the present. I am faced with the option to  replace it soon. My desktop computer. even though it is running fair (It has it’s moments), needs to be replaced. One thought to bear in mind—Stay away from Vista windows. It is not a good investment.

Personally, I took a look at some laptop computers and what I found is that there are some new features in store. The good news is that you may not have to spend a fortune. One such laptop is the Chromebook. The fees are reasonable with some free features. Now, if money is not an issue, there are some that will give you what you are looking for. One such device that stands out is the lightweight laptop for the frequent traveler with some neat features. So, take a few minutes and check out the latest report below on laptops and be informed….


The Chromebook on sale at Amazon. Click on image below.

Four Crazy trends at the Consumer Electronics show.


Here is some food for thought. If you are a technology fan, especially consumer electronics, you should know about the annual CES (Consumer Electronics show). This is the biggest and best expo in the world to feast your eyes on (and tease your pocket) on what could be on the shelves soon. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing items and trends at the CES 2017!

  • Robots! Don’t worry, there are no terminators trying to exterminate humanity just yet. We, as humans, are just starting to realize what is possible and this has led to a diaspora of robots. This year’s CES has a variety of robots that differ hugely in design and purpose. There are huge, mechanically complex robots developed for engineering and aerospace. Then you have smaller and simpler “household robots”, that could become personal assistants. Just read our previous  post blog on robotic cats  and see how our to see how our idea of robots are changing society (1)
  • 8K Weatherproof televisions. This device speaks for itself. We have begun to see these TV’s since last year and there is no disputing on their crystal-clear displays. What is even more interesting this year is that they are becoming weatherproof. Soon you will be able to permanently mount television sets outside in your BBQ or pool area. Imagine tending to the BBQ, without missing any of the game? Neat.
  • More wearable fitness tech. Fitness tech has, really, taken the world over by a storm over the last few years. You should be familiar by now with fitness watches, like Fitbit. The CES expo this year even featured a device that tells you the best time of day for you to exercise and lose weight by simply blowing into a tube.
  • Drones, drones and drones! Another trend that has taken off  in the last few years are drones. This year at the CES was no different. Although most are an improvement on original designs and features, a particularly interesting model was the PowerEgg. This drone is egg shaped to make it easier and safer to transport around. Sounds interesting?Check out our video link below.


Drones for sale at Amazon. Click on image below.


Other links—(1)


What’s new on the Fitbit Alta HR?

Fitbit alta HR on sale at Amazon. Click on the image above 


Every year electronic devices get smaller and smaller. This gave rise to the concept of “wearable electronic devices”. It is amazing when you think back to the times in which  we, only, had PDA’s and brick phones as personal electronic devices. The disadvantage was you couldn’t wear them. Times have changed. Recently, there has been a boom in the fitness industry. Everyone wants to get moving again but how do you get started? And how to keep yourself motivated? Wearable technology stepped in to help.

One such device is the Fitbit Alta HR. Fitbit has been one of the leaders in the field of wearable fitness technology for a few years now. Due to the demand for these devices, the technology behind it has improved rapidly and most of the features are well developed. This, also, means that most new devices do not have the latest features. The  different features get combined in new combinations that better suit your needs and budget. The Fitbit Alta HR is one such device.

One of the features, usually, lacking in more affordable options is a heart rate tracker. Unfortunately, this is, also, one of the most important features! The previous Fitbit Alta had many good things going for it. It was small, stylish and light. It could sync with your smartphone to track your sleep and had some lightweight activity trackers. What it didn’t have was a heart rate tracker. The new Fitbit Alta HR includes this important feature, while including all the good aspects of the previous model.

Fitbit has, also, dramatically improved its app, especially sleep tracking. People have started to realize how important it is to have a good night’s sleep. This feature of managing sleep is a must have in today’s fast paced lifestyle. As a final bonus, this device gets even better.  The Fitbit Alta HR automatically picks up when you start an activity, like a brisk walk or running!

With devices getting smaller and smaller all the time, but including more features, it is amazing to think what is possible in the near future. Only time will tell. For more information, check out the video link below and thanks for reading my blog…..

A car straight from the future?

             Car Holographic wrap for sale at Amazon. Click on picture for information

Cars are changing every year with it’s technologies added to it. The cars of the future are sharp and very appealing. Many of you reading this post have, probably, watched the fast and the furious. This movie showed all the creative ways people can customize their cars. Some of you might have even dreamed of “pimping” your own car one day. The possibilities are endless: spoilers, rims, carbon fiber materials and neon lights. These additions will make your car stand out! If you are one of these people, there is some good news for you on the horizon.

Introducing the  tri-color/ holographic chrome car wrap. This invention is the real deal in my opinion. Get ready for a blast from the future. Holographic chrome is a lot like normal chrome paint in that it reflects almost all light to it. One big difference is that light passes through red green and blue films within the wrap creating a spectacular effect, especially, at night.
One of the reasons people are afraid to repaint their car is because after you apply a new coat  on it, you can’t go back to the previous coat of paint. This can lower the value of your car. Paint can ,also,get easily chipped or scratched off by everyday tear and wear. Depending on the thickness and quality of the holographic chrome wrap, it can stop those everyday nuisances from damaging  your vehicle. It is also removable without affecting the original paint.

What  makes this wrap even more miraculous is that it can last for decades if you get a high-quality application to care for it. A slight downside to these wraps is concerns about how it can be a distraction to other drivers on the road. It could,also, be used to change the appearance of a car  after a crime  has been committed.

I have enclosed a link below of this wonderful invention. Take a look at this video of cars driving through the city streets with this amazing wrap. Observe its lights reflecting on the chrome in a kaleidoscope of colors. It’s not hard to think of futuristic gliding cars coming in on the scene. Imagine if one day, developments to this holographic chrome wrap is what leads to hologram cars in the future? James Bond cars might not be so far off!


Ransomware on hospital computers?

18424026_1374479359288469_7414340644307049028_n                                Your hospital computer can be at risk.


Early this morning, I was reading about how the UK and 73 other nations were victims of computer hacking. It seems that a group named WannaCry hacks hospital computers and then demands a ransom to release that information. In a world where just about all we do is computerize, that is bad news.

Gone are the days when the hospitals used to carry a file on people. They had file drawers and everything was either typed or done by hand. The computer age has, indeed, blessed us with the ability of making our work easier and better but the dark side is the peril of hacking. Hackers seems to be a breed of its own. They are very intelligent and very cunning. No matter what we do to stop them, they devise new and creative ideas to take money from the system and fill their pockets with ill gotten gain.

I take the threat of hospital hacking seriously. There is a lot of life and death situations involved in this. Many use robots to assist surgeons with their surgeries. Also, expensive equipments are used to treat the afflicted and ease their pains. It is a shame that all operations have to be stopped because of hackers. The good news to this is that the UK hospital officials are creating  computer patches and updating their computers . The down- side to this is that some hospital did not get the updates in time and their workload was affected.

Think about this, folks, it will not be long before this reaches the States. Can you, also, imagine if they hack our electrical grids and hold the public hostage? American officials needs to learn from England and set safeguards in place before it’s too late. If we have a plan in place, we can prevent a nasty scenario from occurring in our own back yard and save some lives in the process.  Thank you for dropping by and here is a helpful link on this latest computer hacking…

Don’t be a victim. Protect your computer today. Click on the Amazon image below and get some good deals.

A robotic cat?

7660             Your next cat can be a robot. Picture courtesy of Ms. Julie Chase.

We, all, have heard how robots will replace people in the workplace. Also, we have observed tremendous breakthroughs in robotic technology to such a point that some androids are looking human. Certain people have, even, planned to marry a life-like robot. Robots can be a good or a bad thing. In times of war, they can be used to save human lives but in the workplace, they can add to the woes of unemployment.

The same with the drones. They can be a lot of fun using their camera to watch different landscapes but it can,also, be intrusive. In fact, drones have gotten so small that it can be the size of an insect. It can,easily, sneak into someone’s house and spy. Perhaps even deliver a deadly poison.  So much for science-fiction.

On a positive note, there have been robotic-looking animals. These robots are so life-like that they can pass for the real thing. Who ever heard of a robotic cat? Friend, the future is here and now you can have a robotic dog or cat. Me? I prefer the real thing. I am a dog lover and I enjoy playing and spending time with the real thing  but to each it’s own.

To be fair, a robotic cat or animal does not need to be feed. No kitty litter. No potty training. So, I would guess that a robotic cat or dog does have it’s benefits and can pay for itself in the long run. A final thought is that they can make good gifts for Seniors, especially for Father’s day. What are your thoughts? Check out this link below and share your thoughts.


Get a life-like cat by Amazon. Click on Image below.

Life-Like Masks?

Lincoln_life_cast  Life-life cast of Abraham Lincoln. Picture courtesy of DannyBoy7783 ( Who neither endorses nor supports this article)

As a kid, growing up in New York, I would look forward to Halloween. I relished the fact that I could dress up as my favorite superhero. I was fascinated by the likes of Batman and Robin, who wore a mask to combat evil. I would put on a plastic mask with a string around it. At the time, I thought I was cool dressing as my favorite superhero.

Many are fascinated with masks. There are occasions in which people would wear masks to celebrate a special event. A couple of days ago, I ran into a facebook article in which people were wearing life-like masks. I found it amusing to see President Trump and Russian Premier Putin’s face. It is so real that it is quite impressive. You’ve got to see it to believe it.  Check out the link below and enjoy.


Get a life like mask from Amazon. Click on the Donald Trump image.