Are you looking for a laptop?


The picture above is our laptop. My wife ordered it from the Amazon website. I have to admit she did her homework. She made sure she brought one with a warranty and it has lasted for a couple of years. Believe it or not, this laptop is going strong and fits right in with my writing.

I like a deal when I buy any products especially when it come to computers. Never again will I invest in a used laptop. About 15 years ago, I paid $400 for a used laptop from a friend and it did not last long. Years later, I decided to invest in a desktop computer. Like my wife, I did my homework and it paid off.  Now, fast forward to the present. I am faced with the option to  replace it soon. My desktop computer. even though it is running fair (It has it’s moments), needs to be replaced. One thought to bear in mind—Stay away from Vista windows. It is not a good investment.

Personally, I took a look at some laptop computers and what I found is that there are some new features in store. The good news is that you may not have to spend a fortune. One such laptop is the Chromebook. The fees are reasonable with some free features. Now, if money is not an issue, there are some that will give you what you are looking for. One such device that stands out is the lightweight laptop for the frequent traveler with some neat features. So, take a few minutes and check out the latest report below on laptops and be informed….


The Chromebook on sale at Amazon. Click on image below.


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