Four Crazy trends at the Consumer Electronics show.


Here is some food for thought. If you are a technology fan, especially consumer electronics, you should know about the annual CES (Consumer Electronics show). This is the biggest and best expo in the world to feast your eyes on (and tease your pocket) on what could be on the shelves soon. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing items and trends at the CES 2017!

  • Robots! Don’t worry, there are no terminators trying to exterminate humanity just yet. We, as humans, are just starting to realize what is possible and this has led to a diaspora of robots. This year’s CES has a variety of robots that differ hugely in design and purpose. There are huge, mechanically complex robots developed for engineering and aerospace. Then you have smaller and simpler “household robots”, that could become personal assistants. Just read our previous  post blog on robotic cats  and see how our to see how our idea of robots are changing society (1)
  • 8K Weatherproof televisions. This device speaks for itself. We have begun to see these TV’s since last year and there is no disputing on their crystal-clear displays. What is even more interesting this year is that they are becoming weatherproof. Soon you will be able to permanently mount television sets outside in your BBQ or pool area. Imagine tending to the BBQ, without missing any of the game? Neat.
  • More wearable fitness tech. Fitness tech has, really, taken the world over by a storm over the last few years. You should be familiar by now with fitness watches, like Fitbit. The CES expo this year even featured a device that tells you the best time of day for you to exercise and lose weight by simply blowing into a tube.
  • Drones, drones and drones! Another trend that has taken off  in the last few years are drones. This year at the CES was no different. Although most are an improvement on original designs and features, a particularly interesting model was the PowerEgg. This drone is egg shaped to make it easier and safer to transport around. Sounds interesting?Check out our video link below.


Drones for sale at Amazon. Click on image below.


Other links—(1)



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