What’s new on the Fitbit Alta HR?

Fitbit alta HR on sale at Amazon. Click on the image above 


Every year electronic devices get smaller and smaller. This gave rise to the concept of “wearable electronic devices”. It is amazing when you think back to the times in which  we, only, had PDA’s and brick phones as personal electronic devices. The disadvantage was you couldn’t wear them. Times have changed. Recently, there has been a boom in the fitness industry. Everyone wants to get moving again but how do you get started? And how to keep yourself motivated? Wearable technology stepped in to help.

One such device is the Fitbit Alta HR. Fitbit has been one of the leaders in the field of wearable fitness technology for a few years now. Due to the demand for these devices, the technology behind it has improved rapidly and most of the features are well developed. This, also, means that most new devices do not have the latest features. The  different features get combined in new combinations that better suit your needs and budget. The Fitbit Alta HR is one such device.

One of the features, usually, lacking in more affordable options is a heart rate tracker. Unfortunately, this is, also, one of the most important features! The previous Fitbit Alta had many good things going for it. It was small, stylish and light. It could sync with your smartphone to track your sleep and had some lightweight activity trackers. What it didn’t have was a heart rate tracker. The new Fitbit Alta HR includes this important feature, while including all the good aspects of the previous model.

Fitbit has, also, dramatically improved its app, especially sleep tracking. People have started to realize how important it is to have a good night’s sleep. This feature of managing sleep is a must have in today’s fast paced lifestyle. As a final bonus, this device gets even better.  The Fitbit Alta HR automatically picks up when you start an activity, like a brisk walk or running!

With devices getting smaller and smaller all the time, but including more features, it is amazing to think what is possible in the near future. Only time will tell. For more information, check out the video link below and thanks for reading my blog…..


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