A car straight from the future?

             Car Holographic wrap for sale at Amazon. Click on picture for information

Cars are changing every year with it’s technologies added to it. The cars of the future are sharp and very appealing. Many of you reading this post have, probably, watched the fast and the furious. This movie showed all the creative ways people can customize their cars. Some of you might have even dreamed of “pimping” your own car one day. The possibilities are endless: spoilers, rims, carbon fiber materials and neon lights. These additions will make your car stand out! If you are one of these people, there is some good news for you on the horizon.

Introducing the  tri-color/ holographic chrome car wrap. This invention is the real deal in my opinion. Get ready for a blast from the future. Holographic chrome is a lot like normal chrome paint in that it reflects almost all light to it. One big difference is that light passes through red green and blue films within the wrap creating a spectacular effect, especially, at night.
One of the reasons people are afraid to repaint their car is because after you apply a new coat  on it, you can’t go back to the previous coat of paint. This can lower the value of your car. Paint can ,also,get easily chipped or scratched off by everyday tear and wear. Depending on the thickness and quality of the holographic chrome wrap, it can stop those everyday nuisances from damaging  your vehicle. It is also removable without affecting the original paint.

What  makes this wrap even more miraculous is that it can last for decades if you get a high-quality application to care for it. A slight downside to these wraps is concerns about how it can be a distraction to other drivers on the road. It could,also, be used to change the appearance of a car  after a crime  has been committed.

I have enclosed a link below of this wonderful invention. Take a look at this video of cars driving through the city streets with this amazing wrap. Observe its lights reflecting on the chrome in a kaleidoscope of colors. It’s not hard to think of futuristic gliding cars coming in on the scene. Imagine if one day, developments to this holographic chrome wrap is what leads to hologram cars in the future? James Bond cars might not be so far off!



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