Ransomware on hospital computers?

18424026_1374479359288469_7414340644307049028_n                                Your hospital computer can be at risk.


Early this morning, I was reading about how the UK and 73 other nations were victims of computer hacking. It seems that a group named WannaCry hacks hospital computers and then demands a ransom to release that information. In a world where just about all we do is computerize, that is bad news.

Gone are the days when the hospitals used to carry a file on people. They had file drawers and everything was either typed or done by hand. The computer age has, indeed, blessed us with the ability of making our work easier and better but the dark side is the peril of hacking. Hackers seems to be a breed of its own. They are very intelligent and very cunning. No matter what we do to stop them, they devise new and creative ideas to take money from the system and fill their pockets with ill gotten gain.

I take the threat of hospital hacking seriously. There is a lot of life and death situations involved in this. Many use robots to assist surgeons with their surgeries. Also, expensive equipments are used to treat the afflicted and ease their pains. It is a shame that all operations have to be stopped because of hackers. The good news to this is that the UK hospital officials are creating  computer patches and updating their computers . The down- side to this is that some hospital did not get the updates in time and their workload was affected.

Think about this, folks, it will not be long before this reaches the States. Can you, also, imagine if they hack our electrical grids and hold the public hostage? American officials needs to learn from England and set safeguards in place before it’s too late. If we have a plan in place, we can prevent a nasty scenario from occurring in our own back yard and save some lives in the process.  Thank you for dropping by and here is a helpful link on this latest computer hacking…


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